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Abstract Submission

General guidelines

• The participants are cordially invited to submit scientific abstracts for oral/poster presentations on the main topics of the conference.
• Abstracts must be submitted online, through the conference website ( by November 15, 2011.
• Abstracts will be subsequently reviewed by panel of experts. Notification of acceptance (Oral or Poster) of abstract will be mailed to the author by November 25, 2011.
• Only registered delegates will be permitted to present and participate in the scientific sessions and paper presentation.
• One delegate may submit only one abstract and one registered participant can present only one paper.
• The author must be registered for ISE 2012 to submit the abstract for the Poster/ Oral Session.

General guidelines for preparing the abstract:

The Abstracts must be original unpublished work. Abstracts must be written in English. It should include title (14 pt, Bold, Upper case), Author(s) & affiliations, Materials and methods, results and conclusions. Name of the presenting author should be underlined. The text should be single spaced 12 pt, Arial all through.

• Abstract Title (125 characters including spaces)
(Titles should briefly describe the focus of the abstract as well as accurately reflect the content of the work.)

• Authors’ names and Affiliations
• Objective (150 characters including spaces)
• Method (500 characters including spaces)
• Results (500 characters including spaces)
• Conclusion (150 characters including spaces)
• References (100 characters including spaces)

Reference Style:
Mukherjee P K, 2001. Drug Information J. 35 (2), 623-631
Mukherjee P K., 2002. In: Quality Control on Herbal Drugs. Eastern Publishers (Business Horizons Ltd.,) New Delhi, pp 176.
Mukherjee P K. et al., 2011. In: Evaluation of Herbal Medicinal Products: Houghton P J & Mukherjee P K. [Ed], Pharmaceutical Press, London, UK

Submission of abstract will start from July 2011

Guidelines for Oral and Poster presentation:

Maximum time for the oral presentation is 10 min. Computers and projector will be provided by the organizers. The presentation should be in MS Power Point Format. For poster presentations, the size of the poster should be within 120 cm (height) and 90 cm (width). Content of the poster should be readable from 1.5 meters. Scientific committee will provide a vacant board/wall, and sticking tape/board pins.

Important notes:

• Abstract submitted without registration will not be entertained.
• The registration of the student participants must be forwarded by the research guide/Head of the institution/department.
• Presenters should prepare their Oral presentations/ Posters in English.
• Registration documents and the registration fees must be paid within November 30, 2011.
• Submission of the abstract is not mandatory for any participants to attend the conference.

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